Mailing List Options for Anonymous E-Mail Addresses

The University offers several types of mailing lists that allow clients to have an anonymous or generic address.  These addresses are used when you don’t want e-mail sent to a specific individual’s e-mail address but to an anonymous address (e.g. [not a real address]), usually for inquiries or for mail distribution and discussion among a large group.

On the surface, the e-mail addresses look the same but what is different is how they are handled by the mailing list you choose.  What type of mailing list you chose depends on who you want to send and receive the mail, how you want the mail delivered, and what mail system recipients use (e.g., Exchange).  Two of the newer offerings from IT are Google Groups and a Win Exchange shared mailbox.

Google Groups allows for a group of selected individuals to receive copies of messages and to search a message archive.  The owner(s) of the Google Group adds or deletes members and assigns permissions.  Group members can decide how they receive e-mails and their frequency.  You do not have to have a UD GoogleApps account to have a Google Group, but only members with or addresses can search the archives. Mail from a Google Group will be delivered directly to your personal UD e-mail account. Only members of the Google Group can receive mail from it.  Owners can specify who can send from it.

If you are on Win Exchange and want e-mail to be delivered to another mailbox within Outlook, other than your personal mailbox, then an Exchange shared mailbox may be for you. A shared mailbox permits designated individuals to send mail to anyone under the anonymous address.  One copy of the e-mail is delivered to the mailbox that clients share. In this case, OET adds or deletes members, who must have Win Exchange accounts, from the shared mailbox.

In addition to Google Groups and shared mailboxes, other mailing list options exist such as Mailman and manually maintained mailing lists.  If you have questions on what one is best suited for your needs, contact OET.

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