To Upgrade Your Computer or Not

Our clients often ask us whether they should upgrade their computers.  There are several guidelines to follow when considering a computer upgrade, including your budget, the computer’s performance, and whether the machine is covered by a warranty.

Age often is not as big of factor as whether a computer can continue to perform with the addition of extra RAM or memory or an operating system upgrade. Additional RAM is relatively inexpensive compared to a new computer and, if the University owns the machine, an operating system upgrade is covered under the University’s license agreement with Microsoft. Whether or not a computer can run the latest operating system depends on its components, including its processor, RAM or memory, and hard drive space or storage.

Typically, we advise clients to purchase at least 4 GB of RAM to upgrade their computers.  Also, computers should have at the very minimum a 160GB hard drive so that operating system and other updates can be applied.

In terms of cost efficiency, when purchasing any new components, including memory to upgrade a computer, consider whether or not a computer is still on warranty.  If a part fails and the computer is not on warranty, you may not be able to recoup the cost of the newly installed component.

If you would like OET to assess whether your current computer can be upgraded, contact OET.

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