Gravity Forms: Interacting With Your Website Visitors

Your center’s website is a great way to publicize your activities and achievements.  But, modern websites can do more than just give information to users.  If you are hosting your site on OET’s WordPress server, you have the ability to quickly create forms that allow users to send information to you.  You can get almost any kind of information using the Gravity Forms plugin.  The plugin also allows you to export the data in a convenient format for use in a spreadsheet (MS Excel) or database application (MS Access). Below are just a few examples of how other centers are using Gravity Forms.

  1. PDCE Saturday Morning Math Feedback: The Professional Development Center for Educators hosts students in grades K-6 for multiple sessions of Math practice throughout the school year.  In order to improve their sessions, they provide an online survey for parents’ whose children have participated in the program.
  2. CEHD Alumni Updates: The Alumni section of the College of Education and Human Development website has a page devoted to Alumni updates.  At the bottom of the page, they provide a small form where alumni can send in their own updates.  Not only does this provide interesting content for the CEHD website, but they are able to keep their alumni contact info up-to-date.
  3. OCS Fingerprinting Sign Up: Each year the Office of Clinical Studies guides hundreds of students through the process of becoming certified teachers.  This process requires all candidates to go through a series of field experiences at area schools.  These students must all undergo criminal background checks and fingerprinting before entering a school.  The form on the OCS website allows students to request transportation on a given or simply report that they have a scheduled their own appointment.  This allows OCS to ensure that all of its candidates are completing their prerequisites for their field experiences.

These are just some examples of how OET hosted WordPress sites are taking advantage of Gravity Forms to increase their interaction with users.  All OET WordPress come with Gravity Forms preinstalled.  You can learn more by visiting OET’s Technical Support Documents page for How-Tos on creating and using Gravity Forms.  If your CEHD organization is not using OET’s WordPress server but would like to, please contact for more information.

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