The Office of Educational Technology can conduct technology workshops for external groups, including schools and non-profit organizations, at your location or at the University of Delaware. Technology workshops can be tailored to your instructional needs.  Examples of technology workshops follow:

  • Introduction to SMART Notebook

If you’ve wanted to learn more about this popular technology used at all levels of education, this seminar is for you!  We will cover what a SMART Board is and how it works, SMART Notebook basics including how to create lessons, and working with Office applications and the SMART Notebook.

  • Using Google Apps in the Classroom

Learn how to engage and collaborate with your students using this suite of free web-based tools.

  • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analysis tool used on many websites.  In this workshop, designed for the website administrator or editor, participants will access and explore the Google Analytics site, learn what analytics should site owners look at, analyze what those analytics tell us, and learn about Google campaigns and visitor tracking.

  • Online Safety for Students

Students access online content with mobile phones, tablets, and computers in school, at home, and everywhere in between.  How do you protect them online?  We will explore your students’ digital footprints, how to protect student information, social media, cyber bullying and parental controls to keep your students safe.

  • iPad Applications for Students

In this workshop, we’ll look at educational apps customized for your curriculum.  We will also look at some of the iPad’s more useful parental controls to help ensure that your students get the most out of their screen time.

  • Creating a Classroom Website with Edublogs

Learn how you can create a free website to inform, to engage, and to collaborate with your students.

  • Introduction to WordPress

If you have recently developed a WordPress website, then this workshop is for you!  We will learn about various WordPress elements including posts and a pages (and the difference between them), widgets, plugins, and menus.  In addition, we will look at how to manage users, how to incorporate text from a Microsoft Word document, and how to upload media files such as images and PDFs.

  • Advanced WordPress

Designed for the person who already edits a WordPress site, this seminar will address advanced WordPress topics and client-specific questions.  We will look at how to add a site calendar, popular plugins, and menu customization among other topics.  Bring your questions with you!

  • Copyright and Digital Media

The Internet has made digital media more accessible and easier to copy.  This increase in accessibility often leads to questions about what files may be used freely on websites.  Designed for the CEHD website administrator and editor, this workshop will explore copyright and fair use in relation to digital media used on websites.  Participants will look at sources of images, music, and video files that they can use on their websites without violating copyright law.

  • Speed Up Your Computer

Whether you’re purchasing a new machine, or trying to squeeze every bit of life out of a slightly older model to stretch the budget, we’re sure you’ll find helpful information here to make sure that your desktop or laptop can do everything you need it to do.  You’ll also learn about the most common pitfalls that slow your computer down and how to avoid them.

  • Encryption: the Key and Lock to Safe Data

Have you ever left a restaurant, a plane, or a taxi, and gotten that sinking feeling when you realize you’ve left your laptop behind?  Or clicked a link or e-mail attachment, only to realize seconds later that you shouldn’t have?  While both of these scenarios are anxiety-inducing, you can sleep a little easier if you’ve protected your important data by encrypting it.  Encryption won’t return your computer to you or clean up a virus infection, but it will ensure that your documents will remain private, even if they end up in the wrong hands.  This workshop will teach you the basics of encrypting your important documents, so that your data will be safe, even if your computer isn’t.


  • $350 for half-day training
  • $650 for full-day training

For further information, please complete OET’s professional development inquiry form.