Following are resources for the edTPA and PPAT performance assessments.

Video Recording Guidelines – edTPA and PPAT

Free Video Capture Tools

Video Editors

Video Converter/Compression

Blurring Faces





  • Consider equipment placement
  • Horizontal orientation
  • Use a tripod or other stabilizing device
  • Light on side, front, or ceiling, not behind subject
  • Record more than you need
    • edTPA – check with your clinical coordinator – depends on content area
    • PPAT – 15 minutes (one continuous or three five minute videos)


  • Know where you are saving your files and make a backup
  • Copy your video one or two times and edit your copy
  • 500 MB limit per file, know file size, use compression tool (if necessary)
  • Google Drive – storage on UDel’s Google Apps
  • Do not post video publicly
  • If you borrow equipment from the ERC, make sure you sign out of all your accounts in the apps and within Safari and remove the video from the device

Other Resources: